Wednesday, March 2, 2011

about this blog

My mother passed away last year from stage 4 brain cancer. She picked a perfect day, October 1, 2010. It was so sunny and warm just like her personality. My mommy meant the world to me. I miss her everyday but especially on the anniversary of her passing. She didn't pick a random day it had to be the first so we wouldn't forget. Not that we ever would! She was an unforgettable force to be reckoned with. She was my best friend.

I made this blog in order to document every first of every month. It seems that firsts are always a perfect day for me just like the day she passed. They are always sunny, snowing or unseasonably warm or cold. I like to think that she's giving me a perfect day because she doesn't want me to be sad, she would never want to see me cry or struggle with this.

I think it is also significant that the first day of the month is like a fresh start. You get to start over and live in that month, 12 times a year. Every month I start over and get closer to my acceptance that she will never come back.

This blog is not as much something for others to read as it is a healing process for me. I do want others to read it though because my mom was a fantastic lady and someone might be touched by her life stories. I think it's important for me to start this blog to keep a record for myself and others. Everyone copes with death differently and this is a little exercise for me to learn and grow from.

♥ Alex

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  1. Hi Alex - I'm hoping this is a good way to contact you? I've just enjoyed reading your blog which has occurred via links from Peach Cake knits, where via my research to find the pattern for an apple I came across your Mrs Sour Apple via lemon and lime pattern. What a web we weave! lol. Would you be happy to pass on the apple pattern please? My email is and if you are interested I would be happy to share some ideas I have for a project that uses recycled materials in a crafty way. The knitting pattern was placed as long ago as 2007 I think, but once out there no thought ever disappears... Best wishes, Bernadette